1st Great Paxton and the Offords

Scout Group

What We Do?

The philosophy underpinning the programme is that every Scout should participate in a Balanced Programme over a period of time. What we offer to young boys and girls (Yes i Did Say Girls) in the Scouting is a range of activities, events and experiences built around six Programme Zones.


You balance the programme in the same way you'd balance a diet, by simply ensuring that over a given period (a month or a term, for example), there is something from each zone in the programme.


Young people experience scouting by regularly taking part in quality activities, drawn from each Programme Zone (or self development area for scout network). Personal achievement can be recognised by earning awards and badges leading to the Chief Scout’s Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award.


We deliver the activities across the Programme Zones using a variety of Methods, and the final element of the Balanced Programme for Scouts is the Bottom Line – a list of things you'd hope to see going on if you were to walk into a typical Scout meeting.

Scout Camp

Our Scouting camps are the highlight of the year for our Scouts and leaders, and gives everybody a change to really mix and get to know each other.

We always go away to a Scout approved site for the weekend, starting on the Friday night with a pickup on Sunday afternoon.

Everybody has to camp out over the weekend, many of our scouts find this the most exciting part of the camp.

Activities We Do...

  • Play fun outdoor wide games.
  • Visit places of local interest.
  • Take a trip to a Fire Station.
  • Take part in the 'Great Egg Drop'.
  • Have great fun at summer camps.
  • Take part in Air Rifle shooting.
  • Go out for a mass cycle ride.
  • Build Coke bottle rockets.
  • Take part in district activities.
  • Splash about in canoes.
  • Learn how to put up a tent.
  • Try some backwoods cooking.
  • Have fun while learning.

Activity Bagdes

There are a huge number of badges available to young people across all sections of Scouting.

Some of these might be to reward proficiency or endeavour in a certain skill area, while others might be for time spent in the movement, for becoming a member of the next section, or for taking part in particular challenges or expeditions.

Each Scouting term we try and do atleast one activity badge or challenge.