1st Great Paxton and the Offords

Scout Group

Our Code Of Conduct

We all have to follow rules in everyday life, and during all of our Scouting meetings a certain level of discipline is required.


During our group sessions our leaders all have whistles and when a leader raises an arm and blows their whistle, all Scouts are required to also raise an arm and be quiet. The session will be put on hold until everybody is quiet and listening, which proves a very good way of getting everyones attention.


If anyone is misbehaving then they will be asked to sit out for one minute, this will be increased further if repeated during a session.


The Scout leader in charge will have the final word on any discipline matters during a meeting, and if required will speak to the young persons parent or guardian if repeated misbehavior continues to disrupt our meetings.


The following rules were written by the young people themselves, with a few pointers from the leaders. All of the young people and leaders have agreed to follow them.


  • Respect and Listen to whoever is talking.
  • Listen to the Whistle - STOP and BE QUIET.
  • Don't scream - This doesn't mean you can't have fun.
  • Put your Hand Up if you have a question.
  • No Bullying - Kicking, Punching or Play Fighting.
  • Listen to the Leaders instructions.
  • Be Honest.
  • Show Respect during the "Grand Howl" Ceremony.
  • Respect Property, Scout Equipment and Buildings.
  • If i misbehave - I will sit out until im asked to re-join.
  • Have Fun - Scouting is about everyday adventure.