1st Great Paxton and the Offords

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My Scout Details

My.SCOUT revolutionises the way leaders communicate with parents by giving parents the tools to do some of the administration for the leaders.


This allows leaders to concentrate on building positive relationships with parents, letting My.SCOUT automatically ask parents when their input is needed.


My.SCOUT allows parents to pay for everything online, from subscriptions to capitation to camps and events.


The system automatically emails parents who can then pay for individual entries or subscribe to everything. It will then send periodic reminders asking the parents to pay if they haven't yet.


Parents can see and edit their contact details, and any other details leaders need. Parents also know how their children are progressing through the badges - either simply showing which badges the child has, or what proportion of each badge has been completed.


Parents can also use the generated graphic of their shirt/jumper to see where badges should go. The badge page can also be shared with friends & family.


My.SCOUT also has full details of weekly sessions and details about the parent rota system, which they can now choose whcih week to help out.


We are asking parents to check their childs page each week for any updates regarding sessions and events, plus its a vital way to keep leaders up to date with any personal detail changes...