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22nd March 2016

This weeks meeting was the final part of our DIY badge, where we finished putting together our bird boxes. Everyone had a great time banging away with thier hammers and drilling holes for the birds to enter the boxes...


15th March 2016

We all had a great time on our night hike around Great Paxton, the best part was the creepy pathway through the spinny.


14th March 2016

We will be having a plate smashing stall at this years Great Paxton Primary School Fete, which is to be held on Friday July 8th. If you have any old plates or crockery that we can use for our stall then please speak to the leaders.

We also need any budding Cubs to help run this activity with proceeds going towards funds to buy a trailer to transport equipment to our camp venue.


8th March 2016

Tonight was our second session towards our DIY badge and we started to build a birdbox to take home. The Cubs were all give a length of timber to markup with lines ready to cut with our chop saws. Each Cub got a chance to use the saw (Under close supervision) to cut up their section of timber ready to be nailed together to make a bird box.

As you can imagine time ran out as it always does when we do these activities, so we will be finishing off in a couple of weeks...


1st March 2016

This week we all went to the "Bell" our local pub...

We were invited along by Simon the landlord to have fun playing some traditional old pub games. We all got to play with Skittles, Bagatelle, Shove Ha'penny and pool. Everyone had a score sheet to fill in so we could find a winning team to give the prize too.

A massive thank you to Simon and his bar staff for putting up with us. Everyone had a fantastic time...


9th February 2016

This year our Cub meeting fell on shrove Tuesday, so we just had to make Pancakes!!!

As you can imagine we all had great fun mixing up the batter, cooking and eating our lovely pancakes.


2nd February 2016

This week we started doing our DIY badge which will run over three sessions this term. To start off the badge we all played a fun game of "Human Hungry Hippos". This involved all the Cubs constructing rolling boards made from plywood and casters, with a length of rope attached. This gave everyone a taste of using powertools and simple DIY skills.

The game was a fantastic success with each team launching their "Hippo" down the course to grab as many balls of their choosen colour. When the "Hippo" was ready they were tugged back to the start by the attached rope. The team with the most correct balls was deeemed the winners...


26th January 2016

As part of the RSPB's annual bird count we all had great fun making our very own bird feeders. We called this activity "Messy Bird Feeder Fun" as we all had to mix together pork lard and bird seed - very messy indead.


19th January 2016

For our second week back after Christmas we all took part in the "Great Egg Drop" a fantastic challenge to protect ones egg from a drop of various hieghts.

Every Cub was given a strict supply of materials to construct some form of protective device to help stop their egg from breaking. Which sadly never worked for most of the contestants!!!

After dropping the Cubs eggs from higher and higher benches one of the girls team where victorious...


12th January 2016

This year marks the 100th Birthday of Cub Scouts in the UK and to mark the event our district will be holding a "Wild Activity Weekend" in June.

The leaders explained the details of the camp to all the Cubs and everyone was really keen to take part.


18th March 2014

Tonight we had our session outside doing a wonderful treasure hunt around our local village. We set off in three teams with a map of the village and clues based of map grid references.

At each location we had to write down the letter and number that we found on our paperwork, and the first group at the end to unscramble the letters and add up the numbers correctly was the winner.

Bagheera's group came last, but we think there may have been a bit of cheating going on, as the two team leaders just happened to be the ones who planned the treasure hunt...


11th March 2014

As part of our Chefs badge we all has a discussion about healthy menu planning and what a balanced diet was all about.

Later we all tried our hand at making a salad and how to prepare the ingredients and present them in a pleasing way.


4th March 2014

To celebrate Pancake Day, we all had a go at cooking our own Pancakes during the evening. This was also the first outing of some of the new gas burners funded by the wind farm grant.

Everyone had a great time mixing up their own batter and cooking them ready to eat, but the washing up afterwards didn't go down so well...


25th Feb 2014

Founders Day was celebrated with a talk about Lord Baden Powel, who h was and where his ideas for scouting came from.

After this we all had a go at some traditional scouting skills of knot tying. We all had a go at tying various knots to try and test our skills and at time our patience.

A big thank you to Diana for all her hard work preparing the rope and practicing her knot tying skills...


16th Feb 2014

Our group has just taken delivery of our new single and double gas burners with all the fittings.

This means we can now do our own cooking on camp, and we don't neeed to hire the kitchen facilities anymore...

A big thank you to "Continental Products" for all their help...


12th Feb 2014

Good news - our group now have our very own marquee...


11th Feb 2014

As part of our collectors badge everybody brought along an object to do with a hobby or collection they have.

Each Cub was given 2 mins to talk about their chossen subject and a further 2 mins to answer any questions from the rest of the group.

We have various subjects on offer, including Lego, football trophies and martial arts...


28th Jan 2014

Tonight we did our very popular annual event to celebrate Chinese New Year.

During the session we all made some traditonal Chinese good luck envelopes and some chop stick holders. Later we all tried some chinese food which we supplied by the 'Oriental Dragon' in St.neots, and as normally nothing was left for the bin...


14th Jan 2014

To celebrate 'Makar Sankranti' we all made some fantastic kites, which by tradition are flown by children during the festival.

A big thank you goes to "Go-Kites", who helped us with the materials to make the kites and for the generous discount that with received from their company...


7th Jan 2014

Tonights session was all about choosing our new sixers and having some fun playing games...

Towards the end of the session Bagheera invested Connor into our group and spread the good news about the grant funds...


1st Jan 2014

Well the start of a new year and we have just been told that we now have £1500 in our bank - all thanks to the wind farm grant.

All we have - or should i say Bagheera has to do is start spending!


26th Nov 2013

We all had a fantastic time putting together a great little advent calendar kit ready for the festive season.

Some parts of the kit were a bit fiddley, but everyone managed to come up with a wonderful finished product...


19th Nov 2013

This week our group made a visit to the Cambridge Institute of Astonomy, where we had a talk on all things to do with the planets and stars.

Later we went outside to use two telescopes to do a spot of star gazing, and thankfully this time we had a crystal clear night.

A big thank you to the two students who ran the nights session.


12th Nov 2013

Tonight to celebrate the 50 years of Dr.Who, we all made some fantastic sonic screwdrivers. We are so greatful to our assistant Cub leader for all his hard work designing the screwdrivers and making the night a great success.


1st Nov 2013

We have just received some fantastic news from the Cambridgeshire Community Foundation, who have awarded us a grant on behalf of the 'Cotton Farm Wind Farm Fund' for £1500.

We are wishing to use the funds to buy our own 4m x 12m marquee, tables and cooking equiptment. This will let our group attend district events and use camp sites without kitchen areas.

We are looking to go to Bromham camp and activity centre in 2014, and this grant will make it possible...


22nd Oct 2013

As we all know, Bonfire night will soon be here...

So this session we all made some fantastic 'guys' for the Offords firework evening. Everyone brought in some old clothes which we stuffed with newspaper and tied together to make some fantastic looking 'guys'...


8th Oct 2013

Tonight we had a fantastic time finding out what it would be like to be part of the Air Cadets. Emily our Duke of Edinbourgh volunteer rang a fantastic night of drill practice and games for all of the Cubs.


29th Sept 2013

Today 15 Cubs and parents had a fantastic day out to Duxford Imperial War Museum's 1940s day.

Everyone loved the various aircraft and vehicals on show, and we all got to try out some 1940s radio sets and found out what it was like to be a firemen during the second world war.


24th Sept 2013

Well what can i say, but we all had a great time building cardboard bridges. Everyone had as much cardboard and only two rolls of packing tape to make the best possible bridge each six could make.

After construction we placed more and more bricks on each bridge to find out which one was the strongest, as you can imagine some were very weak and one or two took the whole 36 bricks!


17th Sept 2013

Wow what a fantistic night we all had at Cubs... We all made some fantastic Coke bottle rockets that we launched in the school field.

Everyone added a set of fins and a nose cone onto an empty 2ltr drinks bottle, which proved to be a bit of a challange to some of our group.

The design of the rockets was down to the individual Cub, some of the designs where quite interesting...

The winner of the evening must go to Alex for making his rocket so good it nearly went out of site when we launched it!!!


14th Sept 2013

As you can see we haven't updated some of our site for quite a while, this is mainly due to all the hard work our leaders have put into keeping our group alive.

Over the last year we have lost three of our leaders from the group, which has finally left us with no option but to close our Beaver colony. If anyone knows of anybody who would be willing to take on our Beaver colony then please contact one of our team.

We have been very busy over the last few months, with visits to many places such as 'Crafty Monkey Ceramics' and 'Huntingdon Fire Station' and visits from outside speakers.

Also this year we had our annual summer camp to the 'Boyd Memorial Site', where after much hard work from our Cub Leader Bagheera, we all had a fantastic weekend of fun packed events.

A big thank you must going to the leaders from other groups who kindly gave up their time to help out with archery, air rifle shooting and being our nights away permit holder.

Thanks again Chris, with out you there would be no camp...


9th Oct 2012

Well we all met for a great adventure on our night hike around Brampton woods. Everyone turned up mostly in wellie boots of various designs, a big shout goes out to Sarah for the best looking union jack styled boots! All the Cubs and parent helpers had a great time splashing about in the dark, with some of the lads having more fun than others - Toby i think you like mud to much...


1st May 2012

Tonite started off with some bad news - Our summer camp has been cancelled due to the amount of rain and flooding at the camp site...

But we still carried out our tent inspection as was planned, just indoors and not on the field. We knew we had a couple of tents that needed to be replaced, so this was a good time to have a good look for problems - we found more than we bargined for...

(A lovely pair of missing under pants - pooey!!!)


24th April 2012

Well what a fantastic evening it turned out to be, after all the rain we have been having. We all met at Grafham Water and biked most of the way around the reservoir, hills and all.
Everyone managed to make it to the other side, some more exhausted than others. The only problem was getting back to our cars? So some of us, including Bagheera rode the rest of the 9 miles back to the carpark to help ferry the Cubs back again...


17th April 2012

This week we rearanged all of our sixes and filled vacancies for new sixers and seconders. We currently only have five sixes (patrol groups of six Cubs), which means we have space for six more children to join our group...


21st Feb 2012

Tonight was Pancake Day and we all had a go at making our own Pancakes. We all sat in groups and mixed up a batch of Sarah's batter for our Pancakes.

Everyone took it in turns to cook and flip over their own Pancake, some looked better than others. After putting on loads of syrup and sugar, we all sat an munched away... I Think everybody had a great time, its just a pity there's so much washing up to do...


6th Feb 2012

As many of you will know scouting is a organisation based on volunteers, and all of the money we use come from subscriptions and donations.

Due to rising costs, we are in need of extra funds so we can carry on doing all the great things we do with our Beavers and Cubs. So we are asking everyone to sign upto "Easy Fundraising.org.uk", to help us generate much needed funds - Click on the link for more infomation and to find out how easy it is to use...

Thank you...


31st Jan 2012

This week we all had a try at soap carving, as part of our artist badge. Everybody started off with a bar of normal household soap and a few plastic carving tools.

After several drawings on scrap paper everyone came up with a design for their carving. This proved to be a fantastic night of crafting, and most of the cubs finished up with a great carving.

If you have never tried soap carving, then give it a go - its more fun than it sounds. Ever Bagheera had a go, and managed to carve what he called a dog; everyone else thought it was a pig!!! Poor old Bagheera...


28th June 2011

Tonight we had a visit by the reptile experience group from Cambridge. The team brought along various snakes, a scorpion, spiders and our favorite of all - Meekats.

After a detailed talk about all of the animals, we all got to have a hands on experience will them all. The whole evening went down like a storm, and holding a Meerkat made one of the mum's night.

A massive thank you goes out to the reptile guys - Cheers!!!


26th June 2011

While preparing for the Cubs next part of their Science badge, we have come across a fantastic fun web site - called 'Science Bob'. I have added a link in the side bar to the left, check it out its great.


7th June 2011

This week all the Cubs made their way to the dove cote at Willington, near Bedford for a bike ride. Everybody turned out on their bikes and rode along the new cycle track for around 3 miles.

Everyone really had a great time whizzing along the dirt tracks, and trying not to knock each other off. We even managed to get some of the mums and dads to come along.


24th May 2011

This week our Cubs all made 'Fizzy Rockets' out of old style film canisters and paper. After the group put all the parts together and painted them, we moved outside to test them. Now this is where the fun begins...

The magic ingredient to fuel the rockets is simply - fizzy headache tablets and a small drop of water. Just add the water and tablet to the canister, put on the lid and wait. Every one had a fantastic time building them, and its amazing how much fun can be had with a few basic items.


9th May 2011

This years annual camp was a fun packed event as usual, everybody who attended had a fantastic weekend. We started the camp with the fun of pitching our tents, followed by a food hunt in the woods. When all the hidden sausages where found, the cubs set about fire making to cook the evening meal and settle down for the night under the stars.

During the weekend everybody had a go at various activities, which included archery, air rifle shooting, bridge making and den building. The highlight of the whole camp, which i think everyone would agree, was our famous flour bomb and water gun fight - some degree of cheating was involved when one bright spark thought that just tipping buckets of water over peoples heads was more fun!!!

On the last day we organized a mass family BBQ that was skillfully cooked by Chil our Cub leader - a massive thanks goes out to him. At the end of the day many of the youngsters took part in our "Bush tucker challenge", by eating blind folded some weird and wonderful foods - the wasabi peas went down a treat - NOT...

Finally, a massive thank you to all of the parents who helped out over the weekend - we could never have done it with out you...


15th April 2011

Just had an e-mail from Easy Fundraising to let our group know we have raised a massive £3.14 for the first quarter of this year. Please can you all support our group, so we can possible make it into double figures for the next quarter.

So far we only have 3 members who have joined up, and two of them are members of the web masters family. I know that many people buy via the internet, so there is no excuse not to join up. Just log in and our group gets money for free!!! simple...


29th Mar 2011

This week the Cubs all met at Huntingdon Fire Station for a tour and a talk on what its like to be in the fire service.

Everybody was show all of the fire appliances and how they all worked during a real life call out, later we all got to try out using the fire hose and were really surprised at the strength needed to hold on to the hose. We all had a great night, and a big thanks goes out to 'Blue Watch' for all their help.


1st Mar 2011

Tonite's meeting was held at Offord Millennium Green as part of our Navigator Badge. Everyone turned up with torch in hand, to plough around in the mud to follow a treasure hunt of coloured markers, that were placed skillfully by 'Chil'. Each six had a compass with directions to the next marker, the winner was the six that found the most. A great time was had by one and all...


12th Feb 2011

Today we all went on our annual Beaver and Cubs new year outing to Activity World in Peterborough, i know the new year was a while ago. But due to the very bad weather in the first part of the year we knocked the trip back a few weeks.

We booked the venue for a private party, which was funded solely by the scout group. The turn out for this event was great and everybody had a fantastic time climbing and sliding on the indoor play equipment. The beauty of booking a private party meant that everyone could play together regardless of age, we even managed to get the leaders and some of the braver dads to join in the fun.


27th Jan 2011

This years annual Offord senior citizens entertainment night was held at the local village hall, the attendance was really high as usual.

The theme of this years event, was a night at a scout meeting. We started the evening with a DVD slide show presentation of the sort of things out group gets up to at summer camp, followed by a meal served by the Cubs and leaders.

Later in the evening we had everyone take part in a Cub activity called 'The Great Egg Drop', an exercise in trying to protect a fresh egg from damage when dropped from a great height. Everyone had a fantastic time being a scout for the night, both young and old.