1st Great Paxton and the Offords

Scout Group

About Our Group

30 Years in Scouting


Our group first started in the 1930's in the Offords and ran for many years as a Cub scout group we believe. Then in the mid 1980's we reformed under the current name, with a Beaver colony based in Offord Darcy and a Cub pack in Great Paxton. Unfortunately we had to close our Beaver colony due to a lack of leaders in the area, so we now only run a Cub pack - If you can help, please contact us?


We pride ourselves in being a group with a relaxed and friendly feel to it, with boys and girls coming mostly from the surounding local villages. We find that most of the children who attend our meetings are not used to the hustle of town life, and prefer to come to our group as opposed to going to the much larger town scout groups.


As you may or may not know, the Scouting Association is a registered charity, and this means that everyone who is involved in the running of our group, does so free of charge.


All of us are very passionate about what we do, and we give up a lot of our free time to keep the group running for the benifit of the young people who attend each week.


The Cub pack meet every tuesday night during school term in our local school, we believe that it is unfair to expect people to attend during half term and the summer holidays. Everyone needs to have some time off to relax, and this gives us time to prepare for the next terms activities.


Each term we try to have a good mix of activities to challenge and make the young people think for themselves, this includes games nights, crafts, badge activities, outside speakers and visits to places of interest.


During the year we always have a Scout camp, where we will do various outdoor activities such as canoeing and air rifle shooting. This weekend away may be the first time many of the young people have spent the night away from home in a tent, they find this the highlight of the camp.


Girls Can Join Too...


Did you know that from 2007 all Scout groups have included girls as well as boys, during 2011 more girls joined scouting than ever.